Pdf resume and portfolio

Bachelor of art Ilustracion digital ,instituto Duoc UC, 2006
Seminars and others

course of Motion Graphics in School of Visual Arts new york professor Ori Kleiner
course of layout for traditional animation professor Alvaro Arce
course of traditional animation Universidad Catolica professor Jaime Cañas
course of traditional animation instituto Duoc UC professor Jaime Cañas
course of watercolors Universidad Catolica professor Alejandra Bedel
workshop of storyboard dictated by Alain Sace


Relevant jobs and projects
GAME ART -RebuildChile, a collaborative effort from a group of Chilean developers, aimed at
collecting funds for UNICEF to help children after the 2/27 earthquake that affected us.
Complete Art develop www.rebuildchilegame.com
-EL PLAN, boardgames to teach childrens to entrepreneurial spirit, to Momento Cero.
Complete Art develop www.momentocero.cl
-illustrations for augmented reality game for Nestle CHOCAPIC.
-Illustrations for CAZAURIO, card game from Salo.
-character design for a Canadian RPG Game www.frog-life.com
- Illustrations for the book “Desastres naturales” book publishing house Santillana.
- Illustrations for the book “animales prehistoricos de chile” publishing house Santillana.
- Colorist for book and comic “Ivanhoe” from the publishing house Marenostrum.
ANIMATION – Mechanical Design and matte painting service for Santos the movie.
- 4 animatics for “Pisco Mistral” 2010 campaing.
- Storyboard for the movie “atras mis pasos”.
- Storyboard of 3 chapters of the “proyecto alma” to Tercer Hemisferio .
-Flash Animation for the website Casa segura.
OTHERS -Character designs for miniatures to ATALAYA MINIATURES.
2008 with my team won a CORFO State funding for the pre-production of a short animated film called “la pintura de lucy”.
2008 finalist in the Short Film Festival NANOMETRAJES with the short film “Moonito”.
2003 Honorable mention in the “first metropolitan contest for young comic artist” with the comic “ El Cargamento”.
Hobbies and Interest:
Create Stopmotion figures , Bicycling, camping I love the forest, Programing on python and Lego mindstorm.

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